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With You Every Step Of The Way : A Case Study

Lighting Array – 12 One Watt Leds Mounted On A Custom Bent Bracket For Even Light Distribution
Rotation – Unlimited 360' Rotation In Either Direction Without Any Effect On The Wiring
Installation – Easy Mounting Hardware And Our Proprietary Dedicated Interconnect System To Power The Boards.

Design Highlights

We were provided with a rendering, illustrating the basic concept; 10 menu boards per store, that each rotated 180° to provide the consumer with a breakfast menu and on the opposite side, the lunch/dinner menu.


To meet the demand of 250-450 units per day for 6 months, required careful coordination between all the manufacturing and support departments such as purchasing, otherwise production would crash. Each unit is comprised of 57 different components. All departments were utilized including sheet metal fabrication, high speed presses, welding, powder coating, LED board assembly, powder coating, wiring and final assembly/packaging.

Changing The Graphic Is Easy With Our Patent Pending Hinge Design

Duratrans – Lambertian Scatterer, 60% Transmissive, 20% Reflective, 20% Absorption

Even Light Pattern Across Graphics Without Hotspots

Center Post And Sidewalls Coated Reflective White

Name Brand LEDs Meeting LES LM79/80 Specifications

Engineered Low Friction Washers For Ease Of Rotation

Rugged Construction Tested For Over 4000 Revolutions


Led solution with fraen f360 optic outperforms the T5 fluorescent solution

photometrically: greater illuminance uniformity // equal/greater overall illuminance // electrically: lower power consumption

Field Test

10 Linked Modules
24" Main Power Interconnect Cord
All Mounting Hardware Included

(12) Neutral White (4100K) LED Lamps
(1) Fulham TC-112000350-15C 15 Watt Max Driver

Electrical (Per Module)
0.23 Amp per Module (2.3 Amps per System)
NEC-Class 2 Protection
UL Rated To Connect Up To 15 Modules

Each Module Accepts (2) Transparencies
Trim Size: 15 5/16"w x 22 1/2"h

System Size
154 1/2"w x 26 1/2"h

5 Year Limited Warranty


What We're About

Custom LED and Fluorescent Lighting
Indoor/Outdoor Lighting
In-store Cosmetic Enhancement

Sheet Metal Stamping, Laser Cutting
Fabrication Welding and Powder Coating

On Premise Tool & DIe Fabrication with EDM & CNC Milling Equipment

Assembly/Packout & Fulfillment


State of the Art manufacturing facility with largest sheet metal, lighting, stamping, tubing, wire, and powder coating capabilities in the Tri-State area.

Sheet metal: Turret punch, Laser, brake, pem, tap inline, lancing, embossing

Wire: Grid production, wire forming and threading wire forms supports and hardware

Tubing: Dimple and mandrel punching, bending, miter joints, rivnuts, finishing, tubing skeleton, raceways and supports

Stamping: Sheet metal brackets, holders. signs, hardware

Equipment List


The retail environment does not always fit into a "stock" lighting fixture. In many circumstances the fixture you require has to fit the exact purpose and specification. You do not have to settle for a fixture that does not light the product properly. We specialize in producing fixtures that fit your needs.

Sign Lighting
Linear Strip
Edge Lighting
Gondola Lighting
Header Lighting
Bottle Glorifier
Light Cube