Header Lighting

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Header Lighting

What Is Header Lighting

Header and gondola lighting is used in retail stores to increase the light level of informational signs and/or products below. This type of application often allows the light source to be closer to the product, increasing the light level resulting in a reduction of ambient light. The light fixture is mounted on top of the gondola utilizing the vertical uprights and custom brackets to hold the fixture in front of the shelving. We recently introduced our Portrait lighting line specifically designed for Gondola lighting. These versatile fixtures can be customized to meet your needs.

How Can Header Lighting Be Used

Header lights use some form of a light box in order to hold a graphic. The box can be closed so the light only illuminates the graphic or open to allow light to shine down onto the product. They utilize some form of linear lights, which can be fluorescent or LEDs. Header and Gondola lights are used in all types of retail areas:
– Highlight the products underneath
– Provide information about the product underneath
– Supply general illumination for an aisle