What We Think:

First Impressions. You don't get a second chance here. Displays that are done right support your brand image and what you are all about as a retailer.;

Lighting is what often draws customers to the store when they are walking in a mall, or what makes them crossthe street to see what a merchant has to offer. Once inside, lighting defines the store. Could you imagine lighting Saks Fifth Ave the same way as Wal-Mart? In short, lighting creates an emotional response in the buyer as it enhances image and brand identity

Going green does not only mean saving energy - It is a business model that uses aholistic approach to the integration of cost saving, efficient and sustainablepractices.We can help the stores achieve their goals by providing store fixtures, controls and lighting, utilizing a variety of methods including post consumer and industrial material, energy management and energy efficient lighting. Our goal is provide components that will reduce energy usage, carbon emissions and waste in our landfills

Overstimulated customer, and there are a lot of us around these days, need things made easy. Good displays make an easier shop with products presented in a unified way. Be the retailer everyone else talks about. Make a commitment to have great displays thru out your store.

What Do We Do:

Premier Supplier of retail displays, lighting & custom parts
Sheet Metal Stamping, Laser Cutting
Fabrication Welding & Powder Coating
Custom LED and Fluorescent Lighting
Indoor/Outdoor Lighting
In-store Cosmetic Enhancement
On Premise Tool & DIe Fabrication with EDM & CNC Milling Equipment
Assembly/Packout & Fulfillment